Doraemon Nobitas Little Space War Hindi Download

Doraemon Nobitas Little Space War

Doraemon Nobitas Little Space War Hindi Download Dubbed is a feature-length Doraemon film which premiered in Japan on March 16, 1985. As the film’s title suggests, it is a parody of George Lucas’ original Star Wars trilogy, with a few elements from his 1984 penned film Return of the Jedi. The film is directed by Tsutomu Shibayama. The theme song of this film is performed by Tetsuya Takeda. It’s the 6th Doraemon film. Download More Doraemon Movies From Our Website.

Doraemon Nobitas Little Space War Movie Info

  • Name: Doraemon Nobitas Little Space War
  • Release Year: 1985 (Hindi Release 5 December 2010)
  • Quality: 720P HD
  • Language: Hindi
  • Size: 830MB

The film begins with a prologue of a battle on a faraway planet where the president is evacuated on a rocket. The film shifts to the Earth, where Nobita is kicked out by Gian and Suneo after destroying the set of the space movie they are making. Nobita runs to Doraemon and the two recruit Shizuka to make their own film.

During filming, Nobita finds what looks like a toy rocket. Later that night Nobita and Doraemon discover Papi, a tiny humanoid alien, in their room. Papi is able to talk with the Earth children through Translation Jelly (similar to Doraemon’s own version) and explains that there is a dangerous enemy searching for him. Nobita and friends assure him that he will be safe in their home and they play together using Doraemon’s Small Light to shrink themselves to Papi’s size.

Nobita and friends promise to protect Papi and they hide him in a secret base made by one of Doraemon’s gadget. The PCIA battleship manages to infiltrate the base and kidnap Shizuka, as well as steal the Small Light and prevent the children from returning to their normal size. Dorakuru, the head of PCIA, leaves a message demanding Papi in exchange for Shizuka’s freedom.

Papi leaves alone to turn himself in while the children rewire Suneo’s model tanks for flight and combat. While turning himself in, Papi’s pet dog Rokoroko arrives but is too late to save him. The dog and Shizuka return to the others and together they plan to travel to Pirika using the same rocket that brought Papi to Earth.

Doraemon Nobitas Little Space War
Doraemon Nobitas Little Space War

Doraemon Nobitas Little Space War Hindi Download/Watch


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