Doraemon Season 1 Hindi Episodes Download (1979)

Doraemon Season 1 Hindi Episodes Download (1979)

Doraemon Season 1 Hindi Episodes Download, Doraemon was a 1979 anime created by Fujiko F. Fujio. The series was produced by Shin-Ei Animation and was more successful than its 1973 predecessor. Also Checkout Doraemon Movie in Hindi.

This anime is the successor of the Doraemon 1973 anime. It premiered on April 2, 1979, on TV Asahi. This Doraemon anime series is sometimes referred to as Asia as the Ōyama Edition, after Nobuyo Ōyama, the voice actress who voiced Doraemon in this series.

Doraemon Season 1 Hindi Episodes Info

Name: Doraemon 1979
Release Year: 1979
Language: Hindi

It ran on TV Asahi from April 2, 1979, to March 25, 2005, for a total of 1,787 episodes and 30 specials. This anime adaption has now been dubbed in several languages, which aired in several countries.

For the first 2 years of the series’ run, the episodes (of approximately 6 minutes long) aired every Monday through Saturday from 6:50 to 7:00 PM. Starting October 2, 1981, the series switched to a weekly half-hour format, where it remained until the end of its run.

Because of the switch to the half-hour format, the episode length increased to 10 minutes, or sometimes 23 minutes. When the episodes were not 23 minutes, the network paired 2 shorter episodes (a new episode and a rerun) to fill up the half-hour time-slot.

A Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu dub of Doraemon (1979 anime) began airing on Hungama TV on February 13, 2005. It became one of the most popular programs to be shown on the network and continues to be broadcast to this day. Over 500 episodes have been dubbed.

On November 19, 2010, Disney Channel India, Hungama TV’s sister channel, began showing reruns of the dub. Later on, Disney Channel India brought the new episodes of the anime. Doraemon is available on Amazon Prime Video India in Hindi, Telugu, and Tami. In 2018 Hungama TV has stopped to air the dub of the 1979 series.

Doraemon Season 1 Hindi Episodes
Doraemon Season 1 Hindi Episodes

Doraemon Season 1 Hindi Episodes Download (1979)


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