Pokemon Movie 4 Khatre Ka Jungle Hindi Download [480p, 720p]

Pokemon Movie 4 Khatre Ka Jungle Hindi Download (360p, 480p, 720p HD)

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Pokemon Movie 4 Khatre Ka Jungle Hindi Info

In a forest in the Johto region, a Pokémon trainer named Sam is warned by a woman named Towa to be wary of the “Voice of the Forest”, which is Celebi, a Pokémon capable of time travel. Celebi is pursued by a Pokémon hunter and is injured. Sam protects it from the hunter, but Celebi uses its powers to travel forward in time, taking Sam with it. Forty years later, the elderly hunter is confronted by the Iron Masked Marauder, a cruel and sinister member of Team Rocket, who seeks to enslave Celebi. The Marauder uses a Dark Ball(a unique poke ball that makes Pokémon evil and increases their power to the highest level) on the hunter’s Tyranitar and orders it to use its hyper beam attack to destroy most of the the the hunter’s possessions.

Meanwhile, Ash Ketchum, Misty, and Brock arrive in the neighborhood of Arborville, spotting the legendary Suicune on a riverbank. Speaking to Professor Oak, the trio learns he encountered Suicune himself many years ago, but they have to depart before he can explain how. The group is taken to the forest by a local named Mr. White but encounters the elderly Towa and her granddaughter Diana warned of the Voice of the Forest. Celebi and Sam appear from the past, but the former hides, while Sam comes to terms with his time displacement. Ash, Sam, Misty, and Brock find the wounded Celebi and decide to take him to the Lake of Life, said to have healing waters.

Pokemon Movie 4 Khatre Ka Jungle Hindi Download


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